Ice Creams

In Casa Dolce, the authentic handmade Italian ice cream is what we do best. In our gelateria, we combine our innovative ideas with traditional Italian ice cream recipes, using excellent ingredients, only fresh Greek milk and seasonal fruits, and daily producing in small quantities over 30 surprising gelato flavors, such as baklava, popcorn, sun dried tomato, mizithra cheese, feta cheese, kopanisti cheese, tzatziki, αγκινάρα, Easter bread, Mykonian almond macaron and wasabi! Of course, we also suggest classic flavors, such as chocolate, kaymak, pistachio and strawberry, light options with skim milk (vanilla, chocolate) for guilty-free pleasure, as well as mini ice creams. Place your order, and we will create ice cream in any flavor(s) you like.






Pistachio Nuts



Gelato Flavors

Fior di Latte | Chocolate | Strawberry | Banoffee | Pistachio | Stracciatella | Tiramisu | Cheesecake |   Vanilla | Rocher | Lila Pause | Cookies | Bueno | Honey pie | Yogurt with Amarena syrup | Caramel | Kaymak | Kataifi | Lemon Pie | Pavlova | Rice pudding | Vanilla parfait | Chocolate parfait

Syrup Desserts

A classic syrup dessert is a staple for every Greek household. In Casa Dolce you will find mouthwatering, delicious, juicy, perfectly syruped and traditional baklava, kataifi, galaktoboureko and revani (basbousa), made with fresh butter and the purest ingredients.

Cakes – Shortcakes

No one can resist to the luscious cakes, the temptation shortcakes and sweet treats of Casa Dolce. Classic chocolate cakes, shortcakes with white or black chocolate, fresh fruit and dry nuts, cream puff, mille-feuille and all-time-classic desserts complete the special variety of flavors of our gelateria. Place your order, and we will create cakes or shortcakes in any flavor(s) you like.


We produce refreshing sorbets all year round, using carefully selected raw ingredients, exclusively Greek fresh milk and heavy cream, dry nuts and fresh fruits. In Casa Dolce you can choose among strawberry, melon, watermelon, mango, lemon and lime sorbets.

Vegans Options

Vegans will discover their slice of heaven in Casa Dolce, as they they can indulge in sorbets made with vegetable ingredients, as well as ice creams made with dry nuts, vanilla, almond and soy milk for a frozen delight without restrictions. Casa Dolce also has gluten- and lactose-free products and special products with stevia.