In Casa Dolce, the sweetest creation is
the smile on every customer’s face.



Casa Dolce ice creams - Mykonos - Greek Gastronomy Guide

In June of 2010 a newcomer from Central Greece arrived on the island of the Winds. A confectioner, Nikos Koukiasis by name, he opened Casa Dolce, which quickly joined the list of places where you can sample the very best ice creams in this country.

Casa Dolce: Ice Cream... in a Plate! - Mykonos by Travelstyle

He managed the impossible: to turn everything into... ice cream! And when we thought we had tried everything, once again Nikos Koukiasas, behind the lab of the popular gelateria Casa Dolce, is ready to accept the next challenge... chef: Nikos koukiasas With unrestrained imagination, knowledge and expertise he creates the most...

Casa Dolce, Dessert in Mykonos, Town -

The most "sweet" house in Mykonos is located in the area of Evangelistraki, a few minutes away from Chora. It is called Casa Dolce and its owner makes delicious handmade ice-cream, using exquisite quality raw ingredients and his wild imagination. Everything here is fresh and handmade from scratch, even the caramelized almond of your ice cream.